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Get To Know the Artist Behind The Music

Itz Karma, a published songwriter, singer, and entertainer has captured her audience with a perfect blend of humility and high energy performances. With a background in R&B, Soul and Hip-Hop, she puts extra flavor to any record she touches. Raised in Liberty, Texas, and Army Veteran that served during Desert Storm, Karma has always found a way to create songs though life’s experiences to guide others.  With over a million views on YouTube, awards and a heavy social media presence, Karma is revenue when it comes to booking.

2024 has definately gotten off to a great start for  Karma. She just received the Yo Atl's Hip Hop Video Awards "Southern Soul Video of the Year." She is nominated for Female Southern Soul for 2024 for the Black Music Awards, June 2024, Houston, Tx.  In addition, Karma is being honored at the AMG Southern Soul awards in Atlanta, Ga. December, 2024. Karma is currently in the studio working on her upcoming album.  With major influences such as Betty Wright, Eryka Badu and Mary J. Blige, her latest single release "Yummy Yummy" is set to be the next "Grown Woman" anthem.  This record is fun, tasteful and guaranteed to get any crowd moving.  

Karma released her sophomore album in 2o22, THE WOMAN THE MUSIC." This album is sprinkled with soul, R&B, hip-hop and inspirational music.  This album includes a special feature from BMQ Brother Marquis, one of the major pioneers of hip-hop, from The 2 Live Crew.   

Karma hit the scene in Southern Soul with her Freshman album, ITZ KARMA UNLEASHED.  It is filled with melodic tunes written and produced by some of Southern Soul’s top award-winning writers and producers. Quoted from Daddy B. Nice of Southern Soul RnB Corner “One of the finest of the scores of Southern Soul debuts in 2019 Itz Karma’s Karma: Unleashed” and gives the album a 4 of 5.

Karma hit the music scene hard in 2014 debuting her first EP “The Bold and The Beautiful.” Though she has been creating music since 1994 and directing and her own videos since 2012, this Compilation of feel-good R&B music is still a hit.


Karma’s accolades include receiving The Blues Critic Award for Best Female Vocal performance for “Country Lovin” 2019, ZBT’s Best Female Artist of the year for 2019, Best Female Blues Album 2020, Female On The Rise 2020, Yo Atl Raps Video Southern Soul Award 2023.

Embracing her love for the crowd, Karmas versatile stage performances captures audiences of all ages. 

Influenced by her mother to keep God first, Karma has done just that and has created a lane of her own. Her drive comes from the passion of creating a legacy for other women to creatively navigate through the entertainment business successfully.  The vibe given by this talented artist has sparked a major buzz in the music industry. Her versatility ranges from singing to creating melodies and memories! She is a Texas native but she defiantly leaves a major mark on everyone she graces with her positive attributes and explosive energy.
Discover the rich and captivating world of Itz Karma by visiting or contact Itz Karma Entertainment at 936-304-0916 to request bookings, appearances, castings or interviews.

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