Itz Karma, “The Hip Hop Diva of Southern Soul” is an entertainment ball of fire.  Jones Boys Entertainment added this talented artist to their roster in 2019. Karma’s high energy performances has set her in a class of her own in the Southern Soul Arena.  With a background in R&B and Hip-Hop, music has been a part of Karmas life as far as she can remember.

Karma’s newly Release album, ITZ KARMA UNLEASHED, is filled with melodic tunes written and produced by some of Southern Soul’s top award winning producers and writers such as Ronald “Slack” Jefferson, Tanji Emani Jefferson, Jeter Jones and Itz Karma. Quoted from Daddy B. Nice of Southern Soul RnB Corner “One of the finest of the scores of Southern Soul debuts in 2019 Itz Karma’s Karma: Unleashed” and gives the album a 4 of 5.   Karma has been on a roll receiving ZBT’s Best Female Artist of the year for 2019, and Best Female Vocal performance for “Country Lovin” 2019 presented by The Blues Critic Awards.

Karma’s versatility as a writer, singer, and entertainer are just a few things to be added to this country girls resume. Her drive comes from the passion of creating a legacy for other women to creatively navigate through the entertainment world successfully.  The vibe given by this talented artist has sparked a major buzz in the music and broadcast industry. Her versatility ranges from singing to creating melodies, and memories! Also adding to her list of talent throughout her career is modeling, acting, and screen writing. She is a Texas native but she is defiantly leaving a major mark on everyone she graces with her positive attributes and explosive creativity.

Influenced by her mother to keep God first, Karma has done just that and has created a lane of her own. When asked, who her favorite artist is, she replied “I love a lot of main stream artist, but I am extremely inspired by my fellow artist, the artist that most mainstream media do not get a chance to see.” 


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